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    At HVT Wing Chun we are committed to teaching quality Wing Chun with emphasis on making it work in reality based situations.

    Sifu Cliff Au Yeung

    Cliff Au Yeung Ving Tsun Method

    HVT Wing Chun - Cliff Au Yeung UK Representatives

    We teach the Cliff Au Yeung Ving Tsun Method at all our classes. The Sifu Cliff way has an emphasis on movement and positioning with a full and scientific way of developing internal body force.


    At HVT you will learn various drills to develop this understanding. We teach all the forms of Wing Chun and have a Wooden Dummy set up on site.


    Teaching Sifu Cliff's method correctly and systematically is paramount to our ethos at HVT Wing Chun. We guarantee that we can teach this system with detailed integrity.


    If you would like to know more please send me an email.

    Sifu Alan Gibson

    Realistic Self-Protection

    Soft and Hard Skills

    The whole reason I chose to train Wing Chun with Sifu Alan Gibson over 18 years ago, was because of his reputation for making Wing Chun Work in the streets. But even though Wing Chun, in my opinion, has a lot to offer for realistic self-protection, it still needs to be put into context and pressure tested.


    This is where my training in Combatives and Self-Protection comes into play. Using knowledge from the many, many instructors I have trained with over the years I can say with complete confidence that if you want your Wing Chun to work in a REAL scenario I can definitely help.


    Of course, we will also cover the soft-skills required to avoid violence at all costs, only using our physical skills in the last resort.

  • Private Lessons

    These lessons are generally for current students to allow me to refine their understanding of Wing Chun and to give tailored tuition. But given the right circumstances I will accept other students.

    Wing Chun Private Lessons

    One to One Tuition

    Contact for availability

    In addition to the twice weekly classes run at Havant Wing Chun, Sifu Jim Woodcock also offers private training opportunities. These lessons are mainly designed for current students to enhance their skills and understanding of Wing Chun, however under the right circumstances I will consider taking on new private students.




    We can focus on Wing Chun skills, Self-Protection or a combination of both. I have a fully equipped home kwoon (training area) to use, complete with a wooden dummy and various training aids.


    Please contact for more information.


    Price TBA depending on requirements and situation.

  • Meet the Coach

    My Story


    My martial journey started with Taekwondo, but about 3 years into my training I became interested in the current trend of making martial arts work “on the street,” spearheaded by Geoff Thompson and many others.


    Sifu Alan Gibson

    I then came across Sifu Alan Gibson's Wing Chun Federation. I immediately went for my first private lesson with Alan and we hit it off straight away. I continued to receive private training for about 6 months and then joined Alan's class in Southampton, attending for over 10 years. I totally fell in love with Ving Tsun. Sifu Alan's approach to teaching and applying Ving Tsun has been a massive influence on my martial journey and we train together whenever possible.



    My development in reality based martial arts continued when I found out that Urban Combatives Founder Lee Morrison was teaching a three hour workshop once a month in Southampton. I went along and it was a baptism of fire. I attended the workshops every month for about two years and also attended many seminars hosted by Lee. I have also attended numerous other seminars with world class coaches such as Al Peasland, Jamie Clubb, Matty Evans and Tony Somers, to name a few.


    Sifu Cliff Au Yeung

    In November 2015 I had the honour of organised my first UK Workshop with Sifu Cliff Au Yeung accompanied by Sifu Asiatic from UFA Ving Tsun in Canada, the workshop was a complete success. During that time I was fortunate enough to receive private tuition from my Sibak Gung Cliff and continue this private tuition each time Sibak Gung is in the UK.


    In 2016 it was time for Sifu Cliff and Sifu Asiatic to return to the UK! So I organised my second WSLVT Workshop. Again it was a massive success with everyone training hard and learning so much. I also received hours of private tuition from my Sibak Gung Cliff with him checking my forms and understanding of his system. I now consider him a close friend and I am honoured to pass on what he has taught me to my students.


    My training in the SIfu Cliff method continued in 2017 and 2018 with more visits, seminars and private training with Sifu Cliff.


    UK Representative

    I am now honoured to be the UK Representative for Sifu Cliff Au Yeung and I continue to be a perpetual student of my beloved Ving Tsun and whatever I learn I will always pass down to my students.

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    Havant Academy

    Wakefords Way


    PO9 5JD

    Monday and Thursday Classes 8pm till 9.30pm

    Contact to arrange your FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON

    We believe we have the best Kung Fu in the Portsmouth and Havant area, so why don't you come down and give it try. The first lesson is free so you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain. And if after your free lesson you feel that Wing Chun isn't for you, then no hard feelings. If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us.


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    Havant Academy, Wakefords Way, Havant PO9 5JD
    Mondays and Thursdays 8pm till 9:30pm
  • Covid 19

    All our coaches have undertaken a Covid Safe Course and we have a full Covid 19 Risk Assessment in place.

    As a result of COVID-19, Havant Wing Chun has produced this Risk Assessment to comply with the Government Guidelines. It is important to understand that these measures are taken in a bid to minimise the risk of COVID-19 being passed between participants whilst training. Havant Wing Chun will do their upmost to provide a safe environment but take no responsibility for members. The responsibility for a safe training environment is a shared between the instructor and the members.


    Members must make their own risk assessment as to where, when or whether they will train. Members have the responsibility to NOT train or attend the classes if they have any symptoms that may be in anyway related to COVID-19. Furthermore, if they have had contact with anyone who has, or is suspected of being infected with the COVID-19 virus they must NOT train and should follow government guidelines on isolation, timescales etc.


    Once accepted as a student you will be asked to read a sign an agreement form showing that you understand the rules in regard to Covid 19.


    Havant Wing Chun will continue to work within the latest Government guidelines and our risk assessment will be reviewed and updated as necessary.

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